About us



Who we are

We're an independent digital creative agency founded in 2017 focussed on helping Startups and Small and Medium businesses. With over 10 years of experience, working across the digital and advertising industry, producing work for various clients and industries such as Finance, Health & Fitness, Retail, Government  and many others. While working with various Creative Agencies, SlickWeb's founder, Pedro Santos, quickly realised that the existing agencies did not cater their services for the smaller businesses, establishing themselves, but rather aiming for the larger and bigger budget clients.

Aiming to disrupt this, SlickWeb was created to support starting and already established businesses that want to grow their business and expand their presence in the digital space. SlickWeb provides all the services required to help businesses establish their online presence and standout in an overcrowded digital world, always working to their best interest and within their budget, no matter how small or big it might be.

Being a small business at core, we understand the constraints of small budgets and the need to get out there, and we believe that trust is the key to overcome any limitations and being able to kick start your journey to success. SlickWeb aims to establish a true relationship based on trust and advise you on the best avenues to invest your budget.

SlickWeb offers various  services, from Digital Consultancy and Strategy, Digital Design, Digital Marketing and Web Development, all tailored to fulfil your business needs and ultimately those of your customers.


Platforms & partners

At SlickWeb we are true believers that less is more. We believe the road to success - both yours and ours - is leveraging from the right existing solutions and partners.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand limited budgets and that it is not always possible to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on a beautiful and fully customised website. That doesn't mean you can’t provide your customers with a beautiful digital experience and have an amazing responsive website  for your business.

We partner with some of the best web development platforms like Drupal, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress and Wix on which we develop all of our websites, allowing us to provide our clients with simple, beautiful, engaging, secure and robust solutions that are easy to manage at a relatively low cost. From one pagers, simple and informational websites, transactional and eCommerce or fully customised and enterprise solutions - no matter what you need, we got you covered.


Our values


"We believe that every business, big or small, established or starting, deserves the opportunity to be successful. SlickWeb aims to help you and your business reach the top and support you all the way there!"



We are true believers that together we can achieve greatness. We believe that many minds are better than one and that through partnership, shared ideas, common goals and one objective we can do anything!


Like any relationship, we put trust above all things. We believe that being able to trust on each other paves the way to great things. We work hard and value every single client, even when we're not actively working with them.


The journey to the top is a hard one, but doesn't have be a lonely one. Through our Partnership and Trust we work closely together  with our clients and  to ensure that their journey is not only successful but fun all way through. 


How we work

Together we'll thrive, alone we shall fall.

At SlickWeb we are all about collaboration, working together to achieve our goals and ultimately yours! We apply this philosophy in every single piece of work that we do and we support it with our work process. This consists of a four stage approach to every project that we work through with out clients, providing a solid workflow that allows for open communication, aligned outputs and objectives and most important of all - happy clients.


We listen

To you, to your customers and most important of all, to the facts (the data). During this stage we work with our clients and immerse ourselves within their business to better understand how they work, their processes, their requirements, their goals and last but not least, their customers!  We are data hungry and we love it! During this stage we also look into research, insights and analytics, to provide an holistic view, not only of what the project encapsulates but also from a market's perspective .


We plan

No battle was ever won without a strong strategy! Once we've captured all the information and insights from our first stage, we get into the details. During our planning stage, we work collaboratively with our clients to define the best strategy to achieve their goals and fulfil every requirement. It is during this stage that we lay all the foundations for the future work we will be producing for our clients and aligning to our values, setting the trust and confidence that our clients need to embark on their next journey with us.


We execute

Where the magic happens! Once we've defined the requirements and planned out the correct approach and strategy to achieve these, it's time for the fun stuff. We will work very closely and true  to our partnership value and produce all the outputs required, from assets creation and design to web build and deployment, marketing and more. We will let the creative juices flow and get our clients involved in every iteration to ensure we are always going in the right direction and to the end goal of a happy customer.


We measure

We do not just set and forget! Once we've completed our work with our client, it is time to monitor. We know how busy our clients are pushing their business forward, so we do monitoring for them. We keep an eye out for how things are performing and report back to our clients on a regular basis. This allows our clients to focus on what is really important for them while giving the reassurance that we will let them know if changes need to take place.


Let's create something beautiful. Together!

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