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Cocktails infused with Passion

Creativity Project is a cocktail catering and mobile bar hire business born from the love of the art of mixology and a passion for creativity. Creativity Project established themselves on Australian shores in 2018, with a mission to offer an unparalleled service in the cocktail events industry.

Founder, Denis Gambino, has been in the cocktail industry for over 10 years working across the globe. His passion for the art of mixology and travel gave him the knowledge of spirits, bartending techniques and how to run bars the right way.

Wanting to use his knowledge and experience to create bespoke events, Denis founded Creativity Project and since then they have been growing exponentially running multiple events all over NSW.

With the continuous growth, Denis came to the realisation that their online presence needed to evolve, not only to reflect all of their recent work but to improve their digital image to match the quality of their services and work.

Denis reached out to SlickWeb to work on a solution that would improve their online presence, to better showcase their services, experience and their work.

The website

Creativity Project was experiencing several issues with their previous platform and were unhappy with the look and feel and layout of their previous website. Working closely with Denis, we performed a thorough website audit to better understand the exisiting information and how to best approach the project and the rebuild of their website.

Through various workshop sessions with Creativity Project, we got to understand the business, their services and who they are, allowing us to connect with their vision for their new digital identity. Once we had all the insights we required to better understand the business and their requirements, we were able to review all of the exisiting content and plan on how to best translate this into a layout and design that would bring Creativity Project’s vision to life.

Applying a structured approach that would facilitate the ease of navigation through the information, we designed and developed a clean, user friendly and modern website that translated their personality and professionalism and fulfilled all of Creativity Projects’ requirements, focussing on a simple and easy to navigate content structure complemented by their powerful imagery, with clear user journeys.

Throughout the process, Creativity Project was involved on the various stages of the design and development to ensure all requirements were met and that the end result would match their vision. Applying our collaborative process allowed us to quickly and efficiently build a robust solution, supported by Squarespace, that provided them with the solution they needed to showcase their business and services and matched the quality and professionalism they are known for.

The end result was a clean, simple and modern looking responsive website with a structured layout that provided a simplified and guided journey through the content, giving the end users an engaging and informative experience through the website.



Squarespace implementation   /   Custom Responsive Design   /   Instagram Integration   /   Google Analytics Integration   /   Domain Mapping   /   301 Redirect Setup


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