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Clean, efficient and trustworthy!

Happy Paws is a newly launched Pet Sitting service company based in Portugal with a simple and clear vision, to provide quality Pet Sitting services at an affordable price focusing on the well being and health of those who are dearest to their customers, their best friends - their beloved pets. We helped them bring their brand vision to life. 

Happy Paws engaged SlickWeb to help them with their branding and online presence, so they could hit the Portuguese market with a strong yet trustworthy and friendly brand. Happy Paws required help with the creation of their new brand, one that would translate their mission and values on and off line and could be applied quite seamlessly across the various mediums as well with their website that would showcase their great services and offerings.

Happy Paws wanted to inspire their future customers and create a sense of trust and belonging where they can be ensured that their beloved pets are in great hands with Happy Paws and their pet sitting services.

The work

Through our strategy services and our methodology, we worked closely with Happy Paws' team to get to know their market, target audience and respective pain points as well as their entire business structure. This allowed us to truly understand Happy Paws and their customers' needs and develop the right strategy to hit the Portuguese market and be on par with their competitor in terms of quality and service range while providing more accessible prices.

Once we understood what was needed, we got into the fun part and allowed the creative juices flow. Our Design and Development team developed a customised responsive website supported by Squarespace that provided a simple yet engaging experience to Happy Paws customers while ensuring that the user journey was informative, clear and effective, allowing users to navigate through the content and get a full understanding on all services provided by Happy Paws and respective price structure. This enabled all potential Happy Paws customers to contact and request services with ease and speed.


Main  Implementations

Website design and copywriting    /   Image sourcing and production   /   CSS Customisation   /   CSS Animation implementation   /   Domain Mapping


The brand


Friendly and trustworthy

As part of our journey with Happy Paws, we’ve developed their brand look and feel and bring to life their vision. Happy Paws needed a simple and playful identity that not only represented them and the quality of their services but provided to they exisiting and new customer a sense of confidence, professionalism and trust in Happy Paws and their services. 

We deep dived into our clients requirements and as an output we developed a minimal, trustworthy and friendly brand and brand assets that would complement their online presence in the physical world.

Brand outputs

Brand logo   /   Brand guidelines   /   Business cards   /   Email signature   /   Stationary   /   Letter template


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