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Simplicity above all

We are digital agency at heart, dedicated to helping Startups and Small and Medium businesses. During our journey, we have realised that simplicity in the digital world is key! Clean, simple and easy to manage websites are the true essence to a great user experience.

Focused on their business needs and the needs of their customers, we partner with each of our clients to design and create simple and impactful experiences, that bring their business to life, providing their customers with an engaging journey from start to finish.

We provide all things Digital, from Digital Strategy, Digital Design,Branding, Web Development and Digital Marketing; everything you need to get your business off the ground and increase your digital presence. We partner with well established and secure platforms, on which we develop all of our websites, allowing us to create simple yet engaging and robust websites at a relatively low cost. 

User centric design

The end user is at the heart of everything we do!

At SlickWeb we focus on you, your business and your customers. We deep dive into your business to better understand your market, your audience and ultimately your business. We analyse and optimise the ideal user journeys, focusing on delivering the best experience, in a simple and engaging manner, no matter what industry you're in.


Our latest work

We work with a range of clients and industries but they all have one thing in common: the passion for their work. We help our clients bring that to life and ensure that their digital presence is a true reflection of their business, vision and passion.

Explore our latest projects below.


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Our services

We are specialists in everything digital. No matter what you need, we got you covered.


Digital Strategy

We embed ourselves within your business to provide you with the support and insights you need to help you grow your business. Together we work on your online and offline strategies required to help your business grow.

Services include:

Strategy and consultancy   /   Website & brand audit    /   Information architecture   /   Site mapping   /   User testing   /   Process Implementation


Digital design

We work closely with you and your team to better understand your business, your vision and your passion and translate it in on and offline. We focus in creating the best experience that truly relfects your business and brings your vision to life.

Services include:

Branding   /  Website design   /    Asset development  /   UX & UI design   /   Conversion optimisation   /   Copywriting   /   Photography   /   Videography


Web development

We work hard to understand your business requirements and find the right solution for you, turning design concepts into amazing experiences while providing a simple and easy to manage platform catered for future growth.

Services include:

Responsive website development    /   Content management system   /   Domain mapping    /   Hosting   /   Template customisation   /   HTML animation   /   Plugin installation & configuration   /   Third party integration   /   Responsive HTML eDMS


Digital Marketing

.We live and breath your business to better understand it and define  the best digital strategy that suits your business and your target audience allowing your business stand out in today's busy digital world. 

Services include:

SEO & SEM implementation and optimisation   /   Strategy development   /   Content development   /   Analytics & Insights   /   Email marketing   /   Marketing automation   /   Social Media marketing   /   Social channel management


Our clients

We work with business of any size and across any industry. Below are some of latest clients.