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IXIAH is a Sydney based fashion label, founded by Krystel English, well known for their unique styles, intricate pieces and limited editions. IXIAH has increasingly grown their presence and customer base in the past few years, both digitally and physically with two stores located in Sydney NSW.

With the opening of their second store and the increase in the demand for their beautifully designed pieces, IXIAH came to the realisation that their existing website (built in Magento) was no longer able to provide a reliable solution to their customers’ demands. Also the newly arisen problem of inventory management across multiple locations; online and in-store was also a key driver for change.

IXIAH reached out to SlickWeb to work collaboratively with their team on a solution that would improve their online presence and facilitate their stock management as well assisting them with their internal processes.

The work

Our journey with IXIAH was a challenging yet an amazing one! What started as a simple brief to redevelop their website grew into something much larger than initially foreseen. During our initial discovery sessions with IXIAH, we quickly realised that we had to take a step back and look at the business as a whole and how it operates. This would allow us to better understand their processes and workflows from start to finish, including the production process and stock intake as well as their customer and sales management, both in-store and online.

Taking this overall approach allowed us to deep dive into IXIAH’s core DNA and immerse ourselves into their business. It provided us all the insights required to better fulfil their needs and recommend any  adjustments to their processes  to seamlessly work with their new platform.

The project consisted of 3 main stages:

PLANNING: digital strategy development and requirement gathering for the new online platform and internal processes improvement.

IMPLEMENTATION: design and development of the new online platform and implementation of all required features to fulfil IXIAH’s requirements.

MEASURING: continuous monitoring and review of their online platform and internal processes while providing all required support.

One of IXIAH’s requirements was a  future proof and modern solution, , that could cater for their young and tech savvy audience as well as for  their unique brand & style. In order for us to provide IXIAH with the tools to internally manage their cross store inventory and streamline their workflows we had to develop a robust and scalable solution ready for future growth.

After several workshops with IXIAH’s team we identified the best platform to fulfil all of IXIAH’s current and future requirements was  Shopify. Not only would Shopify provide them with a strong and scalable eCommerce solution for their online store, but it would also provide them with an integrated solution for their physical stores and become their centralised inventory platform. Based on  the above , the decision to migrate from their previous platform Magento and adopt Shopify as their new platform was an easy one.

We worked closely with IXIAH’s Creative Director and Founder, Krystel English, to design and develop their unique eCommerce store. A store, which would showcase their beautiful products, while providing users a seamless and easy journey through the website. Focused on visually engaging, simple and efficient user experience, we developed a conversion optimised eCommerce website with the aim of providing users with an engaging journey through the content all the way to checkout.



Shoppable Instagram   /   Shoppable Lookbooks   /   Styling Session Booking   /   Store and Retailers Finder   /   Online Returns Centre   /   POS integration   /   Pop-Up Implementation   /   MailChimp Integration   /   Automated Notifications & Marketing   /   Newsletter Template Development   /   SEO and Image Optimisation   /   Facebook Pixel Integration   /   Google Analytics Integration

IXIAH’s eCommerce Responsive Website

IXIAH’s eCommerce Responsive Website

Features that make a difference

To give IXIAH’s customers a great user experience, various custom features were implemented throughout the new website. With the main focus of showcasing IXIAH’s products and push for conversion, features like Quick Shop and Ajax Cart that allow users to quickly browse a product, add to cart and visualise their cart without having to navigate to seperate page improved their shopping experience. Also other more visual features like Shoppable Instagram and Shoppable Lookbooks that allowed IXIAH to showcase their products and collections in a more creative way while providing their users a quick and simple product view and purchase functionality straight from the Instagram or Lookbook feed provide their customers with an efficient and fun experience. 

Many other features were created to improve the website and provide IXIAH’s customers with a great experience such as Expandable FAQs, Store and Retailers Finder, Book a Styling Session as well as an Online Returns Centre that would centralise all return requests from IXIAH’s customer, significantly reducing IXIAH’s manual work in managing these as well as help IXIAH on their journey for a lower carbon print.

Various custom features were implemented throughout the new website to give IXIAH’s customers a great user experience.. With the main focus of showcasing IXIAH’s products and push for conversion, features like Quick Shop and Ajax Cart  allow users to quickly browse a product, add to cart and visualise their cart without having to navigate to a seperate page which improves their shopping experience.  Other visual features like Shoppable Instagram and Shoppable Lookbooks  allow IXIAH to showcase their products and collections in a more creative way while providing  users a quick and simple product view and purchasing functionality  straight from Instagram or Lookbook feed. This provides  customers with an efficient and fun shopping experience.

To improve the website and provide IXIAH’s customers with a great experience many other features were created such as Expandable FAQs, Store and Retailers Finder and Book a Styling Session. To significantly reduce IXIAH’s manual work as well as helping IXIAH on their journey for a lower carbon print, an Online Returns Centre which centralised and optimised all return requests was established.

Communication is key to success

As a result of our initial in depth conversations with IXIAH, another major part of their build project was to improve IXIAH’s internal processes and to remove any manual work where possible while centralising all information. In conjunction with the Online Returns Centre implementation aiming to decrease manual work required to review and communicate with customers and manage all return requests, we worked closely with IXIAH to review all their customer communications from the initial touch-points all the way through to product delivery and returns. As a result we implemented an online communications platform for instant chat with customers and redeveloped all of IXIAH’s email communications.

During our digital strategy development and planning for IXIAH, we reviewed all trigger emails required to manage the customer purchase flow as well as all the automated emails required for the on-boarding and customer retention such as Welcoming, Follow up, Abandoned Cart and Birthday emails among others. These were redeveloped and achieved with a combination of features available within Shopify and integration with MailChimp giving IXIAH a centralised data storage for all their customer data and future communications.  

As part of our communications review, we also redeveloped IXIAH’s newsletter template to enable all future communications to follow a consistent look and feel on brand. As part of this we also improved the structure, content strategy and layout, aligned with their new digital strategy.

MailChimp Automated Emails

MailChimp Automated Emails

Online and In-store working as one

To complete this project and facilitate the integration of all of IXIAH’s physical stores with the online platform, SlickWeb worked closely with the IXIAH team to assist them with the implementation of Shopify POS system across their stores and the integration with Shopify. The main implementation work was executed by IXIAH’s internal team whilst SlickWeb provided inputs and support required to ensure all was working seamlessly across all fronts. 

The implementation would fulfil one of IXIAH’s high priority requirement of centralised inventory and a 360 view. With Shopify POS implemented IXIAH was now able to barcode every single product and track these all the way through from the Head Office and Warehouse to their stores and sales. This provides IXIAH a full view of their current inventory status and when to restock, removing the manual work required to maintain this.

Shopify Online and POS

Shopify Online and POS

The results

The new implemented solution provided IXIAH with a flexible and robust platform to manage their day to day work and to increase productivity. It also provided them the independence and tools they needed to explore their creativity and bring it onto the digital world. 

With the new range of features and an easy to update CMS, IXIAH is now able to better manage their inventory with a full 360 visibility and seamlessly manage their customer end to end life cycle including all orders, return requests, gift cards and credit notes.

Introducing a streamlined and simplified website focussed on conversion with an optimised and engaging user experience has already demonstrated significant improvements to IXIAH’s overall productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction and following within the first month.



Increase in Online Sales


Newsletter subscribers


Abandoned Cart Recovery

The new system also provides IXIAH with a powerful dashboard and insights features that gives Krystel and the management team full visibility of their revenue by the various channels and stores. This tied in with the integration with MailChimp offers  an accurate view of which campaigns had more success by giving full visibility on the revenue achieved on each of the campaigns as these are tracked through the system.

Overall as part of the implementation IXIAH’s internal processes have been significantly improved, providing Krystel and her team more time to focus on business growth and product development. The improvement removes the need to spend increasing amounts of time on repetitive tasks managing day to day activities, allowing them to focus on what they do best, being creative!

I met with some of the top agencies in Sydney and chose to go with SlickWeb as I found Pedro to have a strong eye & vision for design while also being able to implement the structure and build required for my business. And with their on-going support network, they are now an integral part of the continual growth and development of our business. I am so happy with my decision as I do not feel any of the other companies could have created my site as professionally sound.

I worked with SlickWeb on a complete rebuild of the site. Pedro and his team worked tirelessly and were extremely fast in delivering to the timelines. My business was thoroughly researched and every angle and avenue was thought out to give the best customer experience possible. Not only did I relaunch my website but I also had all trigger emails set up, to capture such things as abandoned carts (currently sitting at 14% sales rate where an average Shopify store is 7%).

We have seen a huge increase in new and returning visitors to our website and sales have flourished increasing by 25% in the first few months of launching which is an incredible amount.

I also found Pedro to be really pro-active, if I thought of something that needed to be added, he had a solution almost instantly, whether it be adding an app to use or creating a special returns centre to handle all of the businesses online returns and exchanges. Some of these things were not thought of by us but recommended by Pedro just showing that extra mile he will go to ensure your site is perfect and every aspect of the customer experience is looked at.

I could go on and on but I am thrilled with my results, with the streamlined service that my consumers are experiencing online. We have even had customers who speak to us directly and compliment the store and how great it is to shop with IXIAH online.
— Krystel English - Creative Director & Founder

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